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Intro to Crim- Final Exam MCQ Review.docx

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Sociology 2266A/B
Daphne Heywood

1. Theories about theories are known as: metatheories (p7) 2. Which was not an idea which descended from the classical school? (pg 19, 22) determinism 3. The process by which social disorganization affects juveniles and leads to delinquency is known as: (pg 50) cultural transmission theory 4. According to Sutherland differential associations may vary according to each of the following EXCEPT: (pg68) priority 5. According to the text, Strain theories focus on criminal: (pg84) motivation 6. Anomie can be defined as (pg 76/77) A disjunction between cultural goals and socially approved means Cloward and Ohlin are known for (95) differential opportunity 7. Sykes and Matza argued with Cohen’s idea of separate lower class values. Instead they argued, you only need: (102-103) neutralizations 8. Miller claimed that the lower class: was a separate culture with distinct lifestyles and values 98-100 9. Conflict theory emerged as an extension of concerns of: 128 Social Control Theory 10. According to conflict theorist in general (pg 127, 139-140) law is a social creation that reflects the distribution of power in society. Hirschi blamed delinquency on: (155) broken and weakened bonds 11. A criminological learning theory that emphasizes social aspects of reinforcement and punishment is attributable t
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