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[Sociology 2267A/B] - Final Exam Guide - Comprehensive Note..
[Sociology 2267A/B] - Final Exam Guide - Comprehensive Notes for the exam (118 pages long!)

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Western University
Sociology 2267A/B
Lisa Lyons

Western Sociology 2267AB FINAL EXAM STUDY GUIDE find more resources at Sunday, January 3, 2016 Unit 1 2267 rise and fall of delinquency Online notes the public issue Youth crime has generated considerable public concern and discussion. News accounts help to fuel these concerns. Highprole cases: Reena Virk (1997) and Stefanie Rengel (2008) further fuel public concern. Violence is discussed in media accounts as indicative of all youth crime. MEDIA AND THE POLITICS OF YOUTH CRIME Extensive and disproportionate coverage is given to stories on youth crime. Youth crime is political. Facts about youth crime are socially constructed. Media accounts drive public opinion about youth crime. The public also is critical of legal attempts to solve the problem, such as the YOA. GOVERNMENT RESPONSE Calls for reform in the 1990s Canada passes the YCJA in 2003. Immediate criticism after it comes into effect. Disproportionate media reports continue. New types of youth crime are reported. TWO OPPOSING SIDES Youth advocate: focus is on the problems faced by young people (also called the Child Welfare approach) 1 find more resources at
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