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Sociology 2270A/B- Final Exam Guide - Comprehensive Notes for the exam ( 133 pages long!)

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Sociology 2270A/B

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[Sociology 2270A/B] Comprehensive fall guide including any lecture notes, textbook notes and exam guides.find more resources at Karl Marx Social Structural Frameworks – the study of large scale structures and processes of society (macrosociology) Social – conflict perspective emphasizing: 1. power – who has the power, who are the powerless? 2. conflict – conflict is inevitable, each group is trying to be powerful 3. change as permanent features of society 1. the conflict perspective views society an as arena of inequality generating conflict, and the conflict is between: a) social classes (class struggles) b) cultural / ethnic groups c) religious groups d) racial groups e) generations – the young and the old 2. Karl Marx (1818-1883) as one of the pio▯ee▯s’ who formulated the conflict perspective to the study of society • Born in Germany from a Jewish wealthy family • He was a devoted family man • Social theorist, political activists, economist, immoralist, against drunkenness and adultery, against the breakdown of the family and other forms of deviant behavior, is a humanist, political philosopher • Believed that every human should have the opportunity to realize their potential as a person regardless of race, ethnicity etc. • saw an abundance of social injustice, poverty, unemployment, prostitution, discrimination against ethnic groups • asked: ▯Wh▯ has ▯a▯ki▯d falle▯ to su▯h a lo▯ state?▯ • mens morality and his condition in society are a function in they live in i. if society is corrupt then the individual is corruption ii. if society is moral then the individual will be moral iii. clear departure from the Christian premise, society is a factor contributing to deviant behavior • ▯asi▯ ▯o▯t▯adi▯tio▯: ▯if a so▯iet▯ has so ▯a▯▯ ▯i▯h people how could so many be so poor a▯d ho▯ ▯ould this situatio▯ ▯ha▯ge/ho▯ ▯a▯ ▯e ▯ha▯ge this?▯ • most profound: critic analysis of contemporary capitalistic societies • communist manifesto i. written in 1888 ii. argues: the history of all existing societies is the history of class conflict / struggle and society divided into two hostile camps / social classes 1. Bourgeoisie find more resources at
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