Sociology 3306A/B Study Guide - Final Guide: Stochastic Process, Multivariate Analysis, Time Series

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2 criteria determine whether this knowledge is accepted: logical structure of knowledge, evidence (does it go along with previous ndings) Non-scienti c - questions of philosophy > morality, existence. Scienti c - can be veri ed through observations. Answers meet requirements of description, explanation (prediction), understanding. Start with a concept: properties about phenomena communicated by words/symbols. 3. judged by usefulness (once better word comes along, word graveyard) Only this one can explain past, present to predict future. Empirical generalizations: hypotheses that hasn"t been tested. Theory: explaining interconnected propositions in more general way. Describing the causal processes that connect events. *without identifying the cr, can"t meet requirement of explain and predict** Scienti c knowledge cannot be completely proven or full understanding because its unending. Continuously in interplay > constantly going between diff stages. Process is circular (end of one, is start of another) Steps in one, rarely repeated precisely in another. Einstein: science starts with facts and ends with facts.