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Sociology 4408F/G
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Health and IllnessSeptember 30 2013Social InequalityHealth ContSocioeconomic SES Gradient in HealthJust poverty that affects healthEach step you increase in income you increase in healthPositive correlationone increases so does the otherSocial ClassSocioEconomic Status and HealthLower SES is associated withoLower life expectancyoHigher moralityoHigher rates of diseaseoMajor mental disordersEx Social Class and HypertensionAs your social class increases hypertension decreasesEx Children with health limitationsPercentage of children with health limitations by household income when household income increases health limitations decreasesClass and Smokingpeople in lower social classes have a higher chance of smokingoLess educated about dangersoStressAssociated with not having enough moneyoRisk of Starting to smokeoLevel of AddictionoAbility to quitFundamental Cause Theory Link and PhelanMuch of our focus is on proximate causes of diseaseoExerciseoDrinking and liver diseaseSES DISTALObesity Stress Smoking PROXIMATEHeart Disease Diabetes Cancer DepressionSES is a fundamental cause of diseaseSES shapes exposure to virtually all risk factors1800s important risk factors was related to sanitation poor people would get measlestoday we worry more about heart disease cancereven though the risk factors change over time SES still plays a large rolePeople who are more advantaged with respect to resources benefit more from new capacities to control disease and deathEven though over time things change doesnt matter high SES benefits in better healthFundamental cause of diseaseoEx HIVAIDS
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