Sociology 4437F/G Final: Mass Murderers 4437 F/G - Case Notes

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Intention had been suicide (left suicide note and cited. Street baptist church (selected because it was known as the center for many civil rights meetings: 4 young girls died and several others injured, edgar hoover allied himself with white officials and. Jonestown: cult group (fled hate groups and government investigation in the us, set up as a refuge, had ~1000 members. Jones was drug addict and was becoming increasingly disabled by his addiction: people began to get sick of him, so he developed idea of mass suicide (cid:498)white night(cid:499) then killed themselves. Jo di mambro and luc jouret quebec (1994) inside. Influenced timothy mcveigh: order of the solar temple, condominium fire in building owned by di mambro killing dutoit family (members of solar temple) Whitman austin, texas (1966: first killing just one person (cid:523)gary (inman(cid:524) (cid:498)political. Piggy(cid:499: second killing 3 days later home of roman polanski;

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