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Sociology 1020
Kim Luton

11/1/2012 9:23:00 AM Sociology  Understanding common assumptions in a more systematic and methodological way .  1838: auguste comte coined the word sociology  1858: influential work by emile Durkheim on suicide sociological imagination  understanding individual events and history of society simultaneously.  3 elements:  biography personal experiences that define us o (linked to employment)  lazy  health issues  poor resume  lack of skills  milieu immediate social surrounding o poor role models  depressed community  long commute  history larger social forces that effect us daily o (linked to unemployment)  economic recession  outsourcing  struggling company  poor educational opportunities questions  the babysitting rule is an unintended consequence of public education this is known as.  Latent function (unintended consequence)  Bob is sitting in class and he wants to fart. He refrains from farting cuz hes afraid of what people will think of him. His behavior is being controlled by which of the following  Generalized other (conforming to the social and i. reflective notion where you’re consciously aware of what’s socially acceptable. )  Sociologist attends a hospital and meets with burses patients and staff for the purpose of understanding how hospitals work. This sociologist is conducting:  Qualitative studies(words)  Independent and dependent variable in milgrim study?  Independent =proximity; dependent =obedience(closer to he individual, less want to listen to them . if you’re
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