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Kim Luton

Assisted suicide is becoming an increasingly controversial topic worldwide.Although it is still illegal to commit assisted suicide in most countries, including Canada, more and more debate has risen on the reasoning behind keeping assisted suicide illegal. Keeping assisted suicide illegal forces terminally ill patients into constant insufferable pain until their last breath when they could have arranged a swift painless death. Most articles on assisted suicide are highly personal and opinionated, but this article accurately portrays this issue with little bias on this topic by only writing the facts and the result of a court ruling. This article targets the terminally ill patients and their family and reveals how the Canadian government struck down the decision to legalize assisted suicide.Assisted suicide is a personal decision, but the decision has already been made for Canadians. The Canadian government prioritizes the value of life and forces this ideal that the preservation of the value of life is more important than the sufferings of terminally ill patients on its multicultural citizens. The decision to keep assisted suicide illegal in Canada not only affects the terminally ill but government backing and taxes. Since terminally ill patients are forced to live, their living expenses are covered by Canada‟s health care plan, in other words, taxes. If assisted suicide was legalized, less terminally ill patients will be suffering and less money will be budgeted towards health care and to more pressing matters. Unfortunately in this society, the one with power makes the decisions. Although Canada is praised of being a multicultural country, it does not imply that all cultures are viewed equally. Even with roughly 21% of the population being foreign born immigrants, Canada‟s government and law only consider the white dominate culture from its first establishment. (Canada Statistics, 2011) Forcing this culture on to its multicultural population suggest a conflict theorist‟s perspective on this issue. The blend of different cultures does not allow Canada to form a definite set of norms and values which results in one culture dominating the others. Not only are cultural values not fully considered in assisted suicide laws, but is assisted suicide a public issue? While laws (ethics) dictate if someone can commit assisted suicide, the reasoning behind their decision is not considered. Everyone has a different perspective, being products of different cultures; assisted suicide is considered a highly personal issue, different for everyone. The government, being a social structure, influence the biology of people, but in this case, the social structure has too much control over this issue. It is not influencing the micro level of analysis as it is more controlling it. Governments are forcing a set of ethics on to its population, while in a multicultural environment like Canada; everyone has their own set of morals.Agovernment that controls the personal decisions is restricting the liberty of one‟s free will. The highest B.C. court upheld Canada‟s law against assisted suicide.After a decision was made to allow assisted-suicide legal in the Court ofAppeal, the federal government appealed that decision by stating that legalizing assisted suicide will diminish the value of life. This appeal is made on the basis that the federal government holds the power to make culturally sensitive decisions on its citizens. While acknowledging that Canada is a multicultural nation, its government still imposes its own cultural ethics on to people who may have a completely different perspective. This is simply a more efficient method, not necessary an ethical or valid method. 1 Every culture has its own set of norms and the people associated within the specific cultures share its norms, values and behaviour. No culture is necessarily right or wrong, but the people who are in control have the ability to impose their ideals on to others. This method is not only recent but is prevalent throughout history.An example would be when Christopher Columbus and his companions dominated over the First Nations and tried to “fit” them into European cultures. (White, Jerry P., 2013) This exploitation of the minority results in unfair decisions that are not in the interest of society, but in the interest of the dominate power
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