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Western University
Sociology 1020

What is SociologySociologyIt concerns itself with theories about the social relations between individuals and groups of people within a particular societyFocuses on Patterned Group BehaviourPeter BergerTo see the general in the particularIdentify general patterns in the behaviour of particular individualsUnique individualsCategories sexual orientation gender religion etcSociety actsThe Sociological Imagination larger world viewWe view the world through experienceIn order to understand society you need to develop thisLevels of AnalysisBiographyIndividual experienceAbility to actMilieuEveryday context surroundingsThe mind shaft sense of belongingHistoryYour society or structures in societyCredit CardsPrivate troubles problems or concerns relevant to an individualPublic troubles problems or concerns within a society often not recognizedStructuration Theory your ability to act your society structures your ability to actSociological TheorySociologyThe systematic study of social behaviour in human societiesGoals of sociologyDescribe the social worldExplain how and whyCritique existing social arrangements Emergence of Sociology1838August ComteA new way of looking at the worldSociologyUnderstand rapid social changeIndustrialization 17th to 19th centuriesPositivismThe means to understand society based on using scientific methodsCollecting data interpreting it analyzing itWhen social change occurs this effects the societyIndividuals move from land to urban settings factories to find jobsWhat is a TheoryA theory is a statement of how and why certain facts are related It acts like a lens and explains patternsBased on theoretical paradigms a basic image of society guiding thinking and researchTheoretical ParadigmsStructural functionalism macro orientationConflict theory big picture aka societySymbolic interactionalism micro perspectiveFeminism related to other three paradigmsStructural FunctionalismA macro level orientationBroad patterns shape society as a wholeStructures are stable patterns of social behaviourSexual orientationGenderAgeRaceInstitutions are subsystems of enduring patterns of social relationshipsFamilyReligionMediaEconomy governmentThe normal state of the system is equilibriumChanges in one structure or institution provoke changes in othersThere is a widespread consensus about societal valuesManifest functions open states conscious functions of institutions these involve intended recognized consequences of an aspect of societyLatent functions unconscious or unintended functions that may reflect hidden purposes of an institution ex day care kindergarden high schoolmatingdating systemEufunction a positive benefit for society maintaining equilibriumDysfunction element or process of society that may actually disrupt a social system or reduce its stability ex divorce is a family dysfunctionCritique
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