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Sociology 1020
Kim Luton

Socialization According to the Teevan text, socialization: a) teaches individuals to live among other humans b) ensures the survival of the culture or group c) instills pro-social motivations, social skills, and cultural knowledge d) all of the above (65) e) both A and C According to the Teevan text, Cooley’s looking-glass self (the idea that personality is shaped as individuals see themselves mirrored in the reactions of others) falls under which of the following sociological perspectives? a) Symbolic interactionism (71) b) Feminism c) Conflict theory d) Functionalism e) None of the above, it is a perspective all on its own Prefigurative cultures, as discussed by Teevan, describe more traditional societies where unquestioned traditional norms govern in the relations between parents and their offspring. a) True b) False (76 – this describes postfigurative cultures) Gender Gendered identities are not firmly instilled in an individual until around the age of __________, as stated in the Teevan text. a) 3 (157) b) 5 c) 10 d) The teenage years e) None of the above, gendered identities are never instilled in an individual One of the crucial components to understanding patriarchy, as discussed by Teevan, is that traits associated with men are given more privilege than the traits associated with women, which ultimately: a) gives women more power than men b) means that gender is an inescapable and unalterable phenomenon c) means that men possess more unearned privilege when compared to women (160) d) means that men will for ever and ever rule the world e) all of the above According to the Teevan text, when attending university, females, more so than males, are likely to enroll in ________________, rather than ______________. a) the social sciences; the arts and humanities b) the arts and humanities; aviation c) social sciences; physical sciences (166) d) philosophy; any class taught by Professor Luton e) none of the above. The Teevan textbook discusses convergence, or the idea that the gender gap is closing between men and women in regards to pay, job tenure, and household responsibilities. Which of the following was not given as a potential reason for this convergence? a) Women are catching up to men b) Men are decreasing and women are increasing c) Both male and female rates are decreasing, but this decrease is occurring at different rates d) Male rates are decreasing while female rates are remaining constant e) None of the above (171-172) Media The model that sees the media as injecting audiences with messages that make them act in certain ways, as was described with the example of the War of the Worlds Martian invasion of earth in 1938 and the following panic and overflow of emergency service calls is known as what? a) Hypodermic. (Teevan, p. 288) b) Hyperdermic. c) Injectionable. d) Martian. e) None of the above. Contrary to the idea of a technological and media-driven cultural imperialism, others have introduced the idea of a _____________________ process that is more likely to occur, especially given the foreign interpretations of the American television soap-opera Dallas. a) interpretational b) hybridization (Teevan, p. 298) c) mediated d) melting-pot e) none of the above The main textbook states that women and minorities will always be misrepresented in the media, given that the idea of ‘sex sells’ vastly overpowers the idea that ‘money talks’. a) True. b) False. (Teevan, p. 292) Demography and Urbanization What are the three components involved in demographic studies, as identified in the Teevan textbook? 1. Births 2. Deaths 3. Emigration 4. Immigration 5. Movement 6. Age composition of a society 7. Stratification within society a) 1, 2, 3 b) 1, 2, 4 c) 1, 2, 6 d) 1, 2, 5 (376) e) 1, 6, 7 Based on your readings from the Teevan text, Canada, in the current context, is likely to be in what stage of the demographic transition theory? a) First b) Second c) Thir
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