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2204 exam notes

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Sociology 1020

SW2204 Exam Study Notes 1. First Term ETHICS Social Work Values: 5 characteristics  Inherent self-worth and dignity of the client  Faith in individuals capacity to make life fulfilling  Self-responsibility, to include others  Need to belong  Recognition that individuals share traits, but are unique Factors Contributing to Values  Cultural heritage  Values held by group members or held by those in groups to which one aspires  Personal experience  Views held on humans/human situations  Religious and spiritual framework often ignored by social workers, but still shapes values Ethics flow from values – values in action NASW Code of Ethics (1999)  Mission: “to enhance human well-being and help meet the basic human needs of all people, with particular attention to the needs and empowerment of people who are vulnerable, oppressed, and living in poverty” NASW Code 6 Core Values:  Service – the provision of help, resources, and benefits so that people may achieve their maximum potential  Social justice – the idea that in a perfect world all citizens would have the same basic rights, protection, opportunities, obligations and social benefits  Dignity and worth of the person – holding people in high esteem and appreciating individual value  Importance of human relationships – valuing the mutual emotional exchange, the important connections between worker and client to create working and helping atmosphere  Integrity – trustworthiness and sound adherence to moral ideals  Competence – having the necessary skills and abilities to perform work with clients effectively “Purpose of NASW Code of Ethics”: 6 Major Aims 1. Identifying primary social work values 2. Summarizing broad ethical principles as guidelines for practice 3. Helping determine relevant considerations when addressing an ethical dilemma 4. Providing broad ethical standards for the public in general to which it may hold the professiona ccountable 5. Socializing new practitioners to the mission, goals, and ethics inherent in the profession 6. Articulating specific standards for the public in general to which it may hold the profession accountable  Also outlines various resources social workers should consider when faced with ethical decisions which includes ethical theory/decision making, practice theory and research, laws, regulations, policies, etc. CASW Code of Ethics  Mimics NASW  similarities include: emphasis on social justice mission of sw  core principles of respect for dignity and worth of individuals, pursuit of social justice, service to humanity, intergrty in professional practice, competence in professional practice, confidentiality, client collaboration  guidelines on confidentiality, informed consent, disclosure Ethical Dillemas: Decision Making Steps Step 1: Recognize the Problem Step 2:Invesitgate the Variables Involved (Serious/Deep thinking)  what problems are involved? What is your/agencies involvement? What is the dillema and why does it exist? What other variables are concerned (gives clues) Step 3: Get Feedback from Others  bound ideas off, soundboard, brainstorm, different aspects/points of view, trusted colleague familiar with the situation can be helpful Step 4: Appraise What Values and Ethical Standards Apply to the Dillema  assess and choose standards, what aspect of the code is being violated? A problem can have a clear solution, while a dilemma has competing/imperfect solutions, if the code provides a clear answer go forward Step 5:Evaluate the Dilemma on the Basis of Established Ethical Principles  establish a hierarchy of principles, based on ethics that are in conflict Step 6: Indentify and think About Possible Alternatives to Pursue  what can you do in your job to help solve the dilemma? Creative ideas? What other people/services may help
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