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Soc 2232 Test 2 Notes 2/4

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Sociology 1020

SOC 2232 TEST 2 Lifespan vs. Longevity = genetic/biological factors vs. social factors − life expectancy in Canada is 81.0 − 35% of variable longevity is inheritable − social factors are more important Measures of Mortality − vital statistics − some parts of the world have no registration system, use “estimating” − Crude Death Rate (CDR) Deaths Population(YR)/Total Population(Mid YR) * 1000 − *misleading bc of age structure − Infant Mortality Rate (IMR) #Deaths(YR)/#Births(YR) * 1000 − Canada IMR = 5 deaths per 1000 LIVE births − Age Specific Rate #Deaths Men 25(YR)/Population Men 25 (Mid YR) * 1000 Causes of Death − infectious disease − degenerative causes (leading cause in Canada) − social/economic (accidents) Infectious/Parasitic Diseases − transmitted from one person to another (bacteria, virus, parasitic) − most serious in Canada: pneumonia, influenza − less important today, most diseases were historically important have have been eliminated − some diseases are still important in the developing world − diarreheal disease − animal parasites − measles − malaria − AIDS − AIDS “Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome”: attacks immune system, renders person susceptible to diseases − HIV “Human Immunodeficiency Virus”: hidden infection, AIDS is a manifestation of HIV HIV/AIDS − can live undetected for 2-14yrs − skin infection/weight loss − 700,000 known cases U.S. − Leading cause of death in Africa (3 Mil AIDS, 4 Mil HIV) Degenerative Disease − old age, biological deterioration − prolonged cause of illness − disability prior to death Leading Causes of Death in Canada − Malignant Neoplasm(Cancer) (27.2%) − Diseases of the Heart (27.1%) − Strokes (7.4%) − Lung Disease(Emphysema, Asthma) (4.3%) − Accidents (4.2%) − Pneumonia/Influenza (3.5%) Deaths Due to Social Environment − automobile most common − suicide almost as common (middle age men, elderly women) − homicide (3x as high in U.S.) Complications in Classification − same individual can have conflicting causes which brings a debate as to the real cause − World Health Organization developed a classification framework − 5 digit coding system of disease Three Basic Stages 1. Age of Famine & Pestilence: Pre History – 1750 2. Age of Receding Pandemics (1750 – 1920)
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