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Survey of Sociological Theory Exam Notes - All Lectures

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Sociology 2240E
Marlene Santin

SOCIAL THEORY EXAM LECTURE 13 STRUCTURAL FUNCTIONISM Social Systems Contributions y Majority of Parsons work focused on Structural Functionism y Every member of society fulfills 4 functional imperatives o Adaption o Goal attainment o Latency o Integration Action Systems y For Parsons there are many systems or action systems y System something that has a boundary so that there is an inside and an outside to the environment comprising the system ex social cultural and personality systems y Systems have interdependent parts order or equilibrium and tend to maintain the boundaries and relations of the parts to the whole They could be the society as a whole structures or institutions within a society economy legal system religious institutions or smaller subsystems family or individual that form part of society y Systems also have goals that may be created as a result of needs and desires of members of these systemsy These are action systems in the sense that they involve social action and each system has certain needs or conditions that are necessary for the systems survival Parsons Four General Systems y Social system the patterns and units of social interaction social status and social roles in a given situation and physical environment y Cultural system the symbolic aspects of action learned through socialization ideas norms and values y Personality systems the needs motives actions and quirks of the individual action his or her individual psychology y Behaviourorganic system the human being as a biological being our bodies and their physical environmentsManifest and Latent Functions y Mertons major contribution to the improvement of function analysis is the difference between manifest and latent functions y His distinction was made to prevent the confusion between conscious motivations and functions of social behavioury The two vary independently y Manifest functionso Conscious and deliberate o Consequences that people observe or expect o Explicitly stated and understood by the participants involved o Ex lecture catholic church support the institution of marriage by refusing to recognize divorce o Ex the family mealto feed the family y Latent functions
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