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Western University
Statistical Sciences
Statistical Sciences 1024A/B

Chapter 4 SummaryTo study relationships between variables we must measure the variables on the same group of individuals If we think that a variable x may explain or even cause changes in another variable y we call x an explanatory variable and y a response variable A scatterplot displays the relationship between two quantitative variables measures on the same individuals Mark values of one variable on the x axis and the other variable on the y axis Plot each individuals data as a point on the graph Always plot the explanatory variable If there is one on the x axis Plot points with diff colors or symbols to see if the effect of a categorical variable in a scatterplot In examining a scatterplot look for an overall pattern showing the direction form and strength of the relationship and then for outliers or other deviations from this pattern Direction if the relationship has a clear direction we speak of eitherassociation high values of the two variables tend to occur together orassociation high values of one variable tend to occur w low values of the other variableForm linear relationships
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