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Statistical Sciences
Statistical Sciences 2035
Steve Kopp

Chap 3 Diversity The changing Workplace EBM Claim1 Social Identity Theory 1. We categorize ourselves and others so as to better understand 2. We form perceptions based on social membership 3. People tent do perceive members of their own social categories in more positive and favourable ways than those who are different and belong to other categories “We create our own reality-because of what we choose to see.” EBM Claim2 Bruners Model of Perceptual Process 1. Perception is selective and efficient (shortcuts can create potential for gaps) 2. People seek perceptual constancy of target (1 impressions stick) 3. People seek perceptual consistency of others (even to the point of distortion…as long as it fits!) Stereotyping is a short-cut method of perceiving…we can process information quickly and efficiently…but not necessarily correctly (
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