Visual Arts History 1040 Study Guide - Lorenzetto, Giotto, Peter Parler

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Emerged in 12th c le-de-france during growth of french monarch power: in 100 years, 2700 churches built. Advances in building technology larger windows, loftier vaults. Gothic attributed to goths" destruction of classicism (by 16th c giorgio. 12th-13th c: eu rigorous growth and prosperity; two religions arose: franciscans, dominicans. Increasing contact with byzantine and islamic access to classical antiquity (i. e. , aristotle: rationalism) Divine harmony in geometric relationships lifelike forms & naturalization (unlike romanesque stylization and distortion) & harnessing natural world (esp. light) In gothic cathedrals: earthly experience & divine light. Gothic: always points up while romanesque: rounded. All contribute to open-concept space, not so compartmentalized as in. 1st gothic building (& developed royal significance); old ideas in new way. St. denis: early christian martyr sent from rome to convert pagans. Under abbot suger; who claimed older romanesque building inadequate for accommodations: inspiration from dionysus radiant light = physical manifestation of.

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