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Visual Arts History 1040 Study Guide - Midterm Guide: Mastaba, Diorite, Girsu

Visual Arts History
Course Code
VAH 1040
Cody Barteet
Study Guide

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Lion-Human 30,000-28,000 BCE,
Mammoth ivory
Woman of Willendorf (or Venus of
Willendorf or Nude Woman), 24,000
BCE, Limestone - fertility charm, small
and transportable, ideal woman, could
represent multiple women
Hall of the Bulls, Lascaux, 15,000
Bird-Headed Man with Bison,
Lascaux, 15,000 BCE
Great Stone Tower, Jericho, c. 8000-
7000 BCE
Men Taunting a Deer )?), Catalhöyük,
6000 BCE
Landscape with Volcano, Catalhöyük,
ca. 6000 BCE

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Stonehenge, Salisbury Plain, c. 2550-
1600 BCE
Carved vessel (Warka Vase), 3300-
3000 BCE, Alabaster
Votive Statues, c. 2900-2600 BCE,
limestone, alabaster, gypsum
Head of an Akkadian Ruler, 2250-2200
BCE, Copper
Stele of Naram-Sim, 2254-2218 BCE,
Nana Ziggurat, Ur c. 2100-2050 BCE
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