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Visual Arts History 1040 Midterm: Week 7 - Greek Art.docx

Visual Arts History
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VAH 1040
Cody Barteet
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The Archaic Period - c. 600-480 BCE
New York Kouros, ca. 600 BCE,6’ 1⁄2” high,Marble
(compare to Egyptian art)
Anavysos Kouros from cemetery at Anavysos, near Athens. c. 530
BCE. Marble with remnants of paint. height 6' 4" (1.93 m).
National Archaeological Museum, Athens. - Painted
“Peplos" Kore from the Acropolis, Athens. c. 530 BCE. Marble.
height 4' (1.21 m). Acropolis Museum, Athens.
- Painted
- Archaic Smile
- Less emphasis on body parts
Warrior (Trojan Battle Scene with Ajax of Salamis), Temple of
Aphaia, West Pediment Group, ca. 490BCE
Dying Warrior (Trojan Battle Scene with Athena, Telamon, and
Herakles), from the left corner of the east pediment of the Temple of Aphaia,
Aegina. c. 490–480 BCE. Marble. length 6' (1.83 m). \h.
- Archaic Smile
Classical Period
ca. 480- 323 BCE
Boy. c. 480 BCE. Marble. height 3' 10" (1.17 m). Acropolis
Museum, Athens

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Warrior c. 460-450 BCE. Bronze with bone and glass eyes, silver teeth, and
copper lips and nipples. 6' 9" (2.05 m). Found in the sea off Riace, Italy.
Polykleitos Spear Bearer (Doryphoros), perhaps Achilles. c. 450-440 BCE.
Roman marble copy after the original Greek bronze. height 6' 11" (2.12 m).
Museo Archaeologico Nazionale, Naples. Canali
- Canon proportions (created by artist)
- Movement, much more natural and representational
Praxiteles or his followers. Hermes and the Infant Dionysos.
Probably a Hellenistic or Roman copy after a 4th-century BCE
Greek original. Marble, with remnants of red paint on the
lips and hair. height 7' 1" (2.15 m). Archaeological Museum,
- Controversial
- Becomes new trend

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ONESIMOS, Girl preparing to bathe (interior of an Attic red-figure kylix), from
Chiusi, Italy, ca. 490 BCE. Tondo approx. 6” in diameter. Musées Royaux,
Head of a Goddess (The Chios Head), ca. 300 BCE, MFA Boston
- Seems fleshy, heightened sense of realism
LysipposMan Scraping Himself. (Apoxyomenos).
Roman copy after the original Greek bronze of c. 350–325
BCE. Marble. height 6' 9" (2.06 m). Vatican Museums,
Museo Pio Clementino, Gabinetto dell'Apoxyomenos, Rome.
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