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Visual Arts History
Visual Arts History 1040
Christine Sprengler

Early Medieval Europeth Sutton Hoo burial ship early 7 centThought to be a royal tomb of the first king of this time to convert to Christianity But he seemed not to be sure about religions because there were pagan objects found as well Many treasures buried with the individualsFound many artefacts that had not been removed or stolen Has become popular tourist site Actually composed of around 17 mounds in a field and under each were different types of burialsites and different pockets of many bodies and there was evidence of a gallows criminals The ship is very deteriorated but the iron rivets remain and left an imprint in the ground thShip from early 7 centuryAct like a tomb or coffin for high ranking people Example of Art of the Warrior LordsSutton Hoo Belt Buckle Very intricate and lots of interlacing but not zoomorphic Would have had a leather part Weighed over 1 poundExample of Art of the Warrior Lords Sutton Hoo Shoulder Clasp Many little mosaic tiles fill all the small spaces of the piece Very detailed work Used to hold up armour More geometric in design sort of like Islamic art and they had the same idea that striving forbeauty was a holy processExample of Art of the Warrior Lords The Oseberg Burial Ship Ca 825 72 feet long A Viking ship that was for a royal burial but was sea worthy Careful and good construction Found on farmland in Norway and it held two women thought to be of high rank Thought to be a Queen and a victim of ritual murder could have been the Queensattendant but it could have been from natural causesBuried with sacrificed dogs oxen and much jewels and treasuresAnother idea is that they were shamans who led rituals and had a lot of power found pot with them that could have been used in trancesExample of Art of the Warrior Lords Saint Matthew Lindisfarne Gospels Ca 698721 11 12 X 9 14 tempera on vellum Northumbria England Can detect classical influences here in the pose looks like a philosopher the use of the curtain to show an indoor environment and there is classical perspective with the bench There are still interlacing present in the corner of the imageIn the British Library and in a fragile state cant even be repaired just maintained and there isvery restricted access to it They digitized 40 pages of it so the public could view it Example of Christian and HibernoSaxon ArtSaint Matthew Coronation Gospels Gospel Book of Charlemagne Ca 800810 ink and tempera on vellum Aachen Germany Robe looks very classical as well as the position halo sandals and the seatingThere is a new degree of naturalism despite the older forms Example of Carolingian ArtCarolingian Renaissance Saint Matthew Ebbo Gospels Ca 816835 10 14x 8ink and tempera on vellum Hautvillers France Dealing with the same time period as the gospel above Much less naturalistic and classic but there are still some elements robe temples in the background etc Less richness in colors and a much more airy feel More emotional seems in a frenzy to get everything written downMore filled in background with the landscapeExample of Carolingian ArtCarolingian RenaissanceDoors with Relief Panels 101516 16 tall bronze Hildesheim Germany Genesis on the left door and the life of Christ on the right door Technological marvels because each door was one single cast piece Figures simple not a lot of background detail Read top to bottom on the left door and bottom to top on the rightParallels events in the Old and New TestamentExample of Ottonian ArtRomanesque Art and ArchitectureSaint Sernin Ca 10771120 Toulouse France A pilgrimage church Dedicated to a local saint and the church holds his holy relics Quite a large church Very easy to determine the shape of the interior just by looking at the exteriorArchitects had to make it very spacious to hold all the travellers that came throughHoly area is in the ambulatory head of the cross shapeA radiatory church because of the two wings that go off from the ambulatoryPeople meant to walk around the church without disturbing the monks working at the main AltarReliquary Statue of Sainte Foy th11 century This is what people travelled to see Still in the church today has a bone or some personal relic of the saint in the actually statue Encrusted in gold leaf and many jewels and this shows her spiritual powerTypical of Romanesque statue Nave of Santiago de Compostela Ca 10801120 Spain Very uniform in all their creations One of the most famous pilgrimage churches and very similar to Toulouse
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