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Visual Arts History
Visual Arts History 2277E
Cathy Thorpe

Gaugin Vision After Sermon 1888 Van Gogh Crows in the wheat field 1890 Derain Mountains at Collioure 1905 Matisse Open Window Collioure 1905 Vlamnick Houses at Chatou 1905 Matisse Calm et Volupte 1904 Seurat Sunday Afternoon on the Island of the Grande Jatte 1884 Matisse Joy of Life 1905 Derain Charring Cross Bridge 1906 Monet Charing Cross Bridge 1903 Matisse Portrait of Derain 1905 Derain Portrait of Matisse 1905 Vlamnick Portrait of Derain 1905 Derain Portrait of Vlamnick 1905 Vlamnick Dancer at Rat Mort 1906 Derain Portrait of a Dancer 1906 Degas Dancer Resting 1879 Matisse Femme au Chapeau 1905 Matisse Mme Matisse/ The Green Stripe 1905 Matisse Young Sailor 2 1906 Matisses African objects Delacroix Women of Algiers 1834 Gerome the Snake Charmer 1860’s Matisse Oriental Rugs 1906 Matisse and Model in Apartment in Nice 1928 Gauguin Spirit of the Dead Watches 1892 Gauguin Cylinder decorated with figure head of hina and 2 ttendants 1891 Matisse La Danse 1907 Matisse Blue Nude Souvenir of Biskra 1907 Ingres Turkish Bath 1862 Picasso Les Demoiselles D’avignon 1907 Matisse Entrance to the Kasbah 1912 Matisse The Moroccans 1916 Matisse Standing Riffian 1912 Gerome A Bashi Bazouk 1878 Matisse Zorah on the Terrace 1912 Postcard Moorish Women 1900 Matisse Red Studio 1911 Matisse Odalisque in Red Trousers 1921 Kirchner Title Page from Manifesto 1906 Heckel Girl with a Doll 1910 Nolde Still Life with Masks 1911 Kirchner Brucke Letterhead 1906 Kirchner Standing Nude with a Hat 1907 Lucas Cranach The Elder Venus 1532 Kirchner Girl with Japanese Umbrella 1909 Kirchner Franzi in a Carved Chair 1910 Kirchner Sam and Milli in Kirchners Dresden Studio 1910 Kirchner Reclining Negress 1909 Kirchner Bathers at Moritsburg 1909 Kirchner Striding into the sea 1912 Dr Lahmanns Sanitorium 1910 Berlin Postcard 1912 Shop windo berlin 1925 Kirchner the Street 1913 Kirchner Five Women on the street 1913 Kirchner Self Portrait with Model 1907 Kirchner Self Portrat as a Soldier 1915 Kandinsky The Blau Reiter 1911 Rousseau Carnival Evening 1886 Kandinsky Church at Murnau 1909 Munter Boating 1910 Marc Blue Horses 1911 Kandinsky Composition 4 1911 Mack Great Zoological Garden 1912 Delauney La Ville de Paris 1911 Macke Russian Ballet 1 1912 Macke Bright Shop Window 1912 Braque Houses at L’Estaque 1908 Picasso The Dryad 1908 Cezanne Mont Ste Victoir 1902 Picasso La Suze 1912 Chardin The Ray 1728 Picasso Still Life with Chair Canning 1912 Picasso Guitar Sheet Music and Wineglass 1912 Braque Bottle Glass Pipe 1914 Picasso Ma Jolie 1911 Picasso Violin Wineglass Pipe Anchor 1912 Rue St. Shop windows Paris Picasso Still Life au Bon Marche 1913 Delaunay Eiffel Tower 1910 Delaunay Windows on the city part 1 1912 Gleizes Bridges in Paris 1912 Leger Smokers 1911 Picasso Les Demoiselles D’avignon 1907 Matisse Joy of Life 1905 Der
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