Test 1 Key Terms All the terms and their definitions from lecture and text book.

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Western University
Visual Arts Studio
Visual Arts Studio 1020
Kim Luton

Axiomatic LogicRandom sampleCluster samplingmaking connecting links between related statements for deriving a hypothesisContent analysisa series of random samples taken in units of decreasing sizeControl groupa method of analysis that extracts themes from communicationsControl variablesa group of subjects in an experiment that is not exposed to the independent variableCorrelationvariables included in a model of behaviour that is neither independent nor dependent that are used as a Crosssectional researchcontrol variable in the experimentit is the changes in one variable that coincide with changes in another variableDeductive logictype of research that takes place at one point in timeDependent variablethe derivation of a specific statement from a set of more general statementsExperimental groupthe effect in a causal statement the result from the independent variableExternal validitythe group of subjects in an experiment that is exposed to the independent variableGrounded theorythe ability to generalize research results beyond the artificial laboratory experiment situation to the real worldHypothesisexplanations that arise from the data collected and that are thus grounded in reality rather than deductive Independent variablelogica statement of presumed relationship between variablesInductive logicthe cause in a causal statementLongitudinal researchthe construction of a generalization from a set of specific statementsOperational definitionresearch that occurs over an extended period of timedescription of the actual procedures used to measure Participation observationa theoretical conceptor ethnography a strategy where the researcher Positivism becomes apart of the group to study it members are aware they are being studiedthe application of the natural sciences research PraxismethodsMarxs concept that research should not be pure Primary vs Secondary sourcesconducted for knowledges sake but to be appliedQuota sample
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