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CHAPTER I A SOCIOLOGICAL COMPASS LECTURE 1Things vary according to your perspective ofon them We all see reality in our own way and the way we live our lives has an impact on our view Structure is an invisible force that cannot be seen however has an impact on you Eg class gender race ethnicity age The scientific study of society developed in late 1700searly 1800s by Comte He created the word sociology Sociology specifically is the systematic study of development structure interaction and collective behavior of organized groups of humanssociety The science of social forces external to individuals but has an impact on humans was Durkheims view which stated that sociology goes way beyond individualssum of individuals ie values Durkheim was interested in looking at suicide Suicide can be regarded as a supremely antisocial and nonsocial ace as nearly everyone condemns it considered as a private act and a rare phenomenal Suicide rate for the Aboriginals is 56x higher than othersAccording to Durkheim the cause for suicide is stronger social control and integration your sense for belonging Durkheim argues that the more one is integrated the less chance they have of committing a suicide Social control is the rules and regulationsDurkheim talks about NORMAL solidarity Low rates of suicide NORMAL level of social control and integrationEgoistic and anomic suicide is when people have lots of friends but no sense of belonging They get no attention Altruistic suicide is when you can die for something or someone Fatalatic suicide is when people are so controlled that they cant take it Too much control eg militaryScientific Revolution science was the dominant institution for finding truth instead of religionDemocratic Revolution Haiti was the first country to abolish slaveryIn order to understand problems and structures of a society one HAS TO look at the 3 levels of analysis Social structures are in which people are in bedded Mills said that one cant just look at one person and decide whats wrong with them and why We have to look at the factors revolving around that person as well as the 3 levels of analysis Biography is the individual life Ones unique biographyMilieu You cant understand a person until you understand a persons sense of belonging at home community etc Eg how your family treats you acts with youHistory what society you came from LECTURE 2Sociology is the focus on societyProcess of asking and finding answers is research which leads to 4 theoretical traditionsMacrostructure societyConflict Theory argues that there is conflict in society within those who have and those who dont haveSymbolic Interactionism is how we communicate with shared meaningFeminism is what structures are placed that maintains patriarchy in society Patriarchy is the system set up in most societies where males are dominant and females arentStructure is gender class ethnicity age etcFunctionalism how does your society have an impact on you Functionalists are interested in seeing the stability in society Functionalism in North AmericaWe all have the same beliefs and therefore get along There is a purpose of every institution education government healthcare economy family media etc in society Positive function to an institution is known as EufunctionNegative function to an institution is known as Digsfunction Conflict Theory and Karl MarxClass ConflictEvery society has 2 groups dominant and subordinateCapitalists exploited workers Maximum profit minimize labor costsMarx believed that workers would become class consciousness and overthrow the capitalistsConflict Theory and Webers ResponseWeber argues that Marx didnt see that social welfare would keep a lid on the class system Symbolic InteractionismFocuses on interpersonal communication in micro level social settings because people attach meaning to thingsSymbolic interactionists are interested in how one understands their lives without giving statistics WEBER VERSTEHEN Peoples understanding of how they understand their lives Feminist TheorySuggests male domination and female subordination ie men have more powerCHAPTER 3 CULTURE LECTURE 4 What is Material CultureIt is tangible Use tools to produce everything from food to satellite
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