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Visual Arts Studio 1020
Kim Luton

SOC 1020 Test #2 Lecture Study Notes Gender Language - Language is gendered and works to reproduce the gendered order - Linguistic sexism: tendency to communicate sexist messages o Its easy simple, wasnt hard o Hes easy relaxed, laid back o Shes Easy slut/whore - Sexual connotation associated with neutral words o Connotation shes easy shes an easy lay - Women defined as sexual objects - We characterize what we own (possessions) as feminine o The Other Women was the name of a boat - Language conveys meaning in many levels - Various messages in gender - Language defines men and women in 3 ways 1. Control 2. Value 3. Attention Sex Codes - Sex Codes: Premarital sexual standards - Premarital standards, judge people - Suggests gender norms and expectation 1. Abstinence standard o Past 2. Double Standard o Grants men the right to have sex o Girls should still be virginal 3. Love Standard o Found in todays society o A physical expression of love (and only for love) o Mostly used by women 4. Fun Standard o Sex is for pleasure o Acceptable as long as both are willing o Mostly used by men Sex - Sex: A biological category - Hormonal differences - An ascribed status - Based on physiological differences - Sex is determined at conception as a result of cell formation Becoming our sex - Sex is natural and biologically determined - 1-3 % of babies are intersexed o Hormonal therapy is used to force them into a sex (until 1995) Often changed to females o Now, often they let the children wait unless after puberty and let them choose Shows our discomfort with not knowing sex A need to know sex Gender - Gender: The way we behave/think/feel - Social category - Based on social expectations for individuals - Set of social attitudes that can vary from culture to culture and over time within a society - Gender norms: Rules specifying appropriate behaviour for each gender o Gender norms using the right bathroom, spitting is for men, men sending women flowers and opening the door, women wear nail polish Gender-role Socialization - Gender continuum o Masculine ----------------------------------- Feminine - Gender scripts Boys o Masculine, aggressive, tough, daring, dominant Girls o Feminine, soft, emotional, sweet, submissive - It is more acceptable for girls to be more like boys, then boys can be like girls o Tom boys o No word for the male tom boy equivalent Gender Identity Video: Gender Females Under Construction Becoming our gender - Gender Identity: Sex is ascribed, getting through the gender socialization based on sex and learning how to perform your gender - Master status: How we define ourselves - Ascribed Status: Sex - Achieved Status: Gender - Powerful aspect of self-concept which develops in accordance with the individuals gender and the social definitions of that gender within the larger gendered order Gendered Order - Gendered order: set of structural relations through which people are treated differently because of their gender - Patriarchy: A system of dominance in which cultural, political and economic structures have been created by men and are maintained for the benefit of men as a group o Women are often other to the norm (male) Gender Intensification - Gender Intensification: Process by which individuals are influenced to hyper-differentiate themselves from the other gender in terms of appearance and behaviour o Hyper-differentiate: behaviour, dress, attitude - Perpetuated by mass media and advertising in pursuit of money o We see 3, 000 ads per day - Adolescence is key period of this manipulation - Psychological difference is prominent in teens because of the ads and the pressure that they have to solidify gender - 5% of females have the body type that we see as the norm in advertisements o Cannot live up to the norm - 1/5 women have an eating disorder - 4/5 women have disordered attitude towards eating - Most articles in magazines are for self-improvement in body - Focus for boys is a large body size o Fear of being gay - Video: Tough Guise Effects of Gender Intensification 1. Gender intensification ill prepares both men and women for the roles that they will later perform 2. Impossible standards leads to low self-esteem and high dissatisfaction 3. Emphasizes the dominant/submissive nature of the male/female relationship and perpetuates gender inequality - If not followed, can be negatively sanctioned Gender Stereotypes - Stereotype: A trait or set of characteristics thats applied to a group o Occurs when people believe others possess certain characteristics simply as a result of being a member of a particular group - Gender Stereotype: Social constrictions, social implications o Attributing certain characteristics to others simply on the basis of whether they are male or female Truckers are male, shoppers are female Persistence of Beliefs about Gender Differences - Even when there is a statistically significant difference between males and females, for most characteristics there is more similarity than difference between the genders - Most human characteristics fall into normal distribution, where a small proportion of people rate much higher, a small proportion much lower, but most people fall in the middle (the normal curve with outliers at each end) o Looking at the math example, the proportion that overlap is far greater then the proportion of the outliers who do not - Schema: Mental shortcut, template o Schema about the elderly, that they all have white hair and are slow o Categorize people, stereotypes are in the schema - Gender Schema: Quickly categorizing due to gender due to expectations Example: Girls are hysterical, lesbians are dykes o Gender schemas tend to shape the way we notice, interpret and remember information according to our expectations about gender - Social roles for males and females enhance or suppress different capabilities - Differential gender socialization leads males and females to develop different skills and confirm the appropriateness of different roles o Womens thumbs were often in when holding fist, males out Gender Stratification - Gender Stratification: Social status and social roles that men and women occupy in society - Gender stereotyping leads to social attitudes about correct gender roles for men and women, leading to different statuses - Place in society is largely based on value we place on their roles of the division of labour o Ranking men and women differently - Families lead to gender stratification, but other institutions support and promote it Wage Gap - In 2009, women outnumbered men in the labour force for the first time - 28% of women and 11% of men work part time - Female occupational ghettos remain - Women receive 58% of university degrees - Women still do most of the unpaid work at home - Social/gender hierarchy, as it is common for men to be paid more and (generally) have more opportunities Womens earnings at a Percentage of Mens Earnings 2008 - This is because of stratification Single, young women .93/$1.00 Women working full time, full year .85/$1.00 Married women working part-time .69/$1.00 - It is becoming more even, as mens wages are being reduced on average, not an increase in womens salaries
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