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Visual Arts Studio
Visual Arts Studio 1020

VAStudio Test Info Mar 8 2012ColorDepends on light no objects has an embedded color it depends on the atmosphere As artists we use subtractive color when pigments are added together we get black reality brown Black absorbs all the light and white reflects all the color 3 properties of colorHue refers to the name of the color Ex Pink is not a color is just a light value of red Value its is the lightness or darkness of a color Add white andor black to change the color Saturation brilliance brightness of a color or intensity how vibrant a color is the strongest color brightestIf you want to break the saturation you add the color that is on the opposite of the color wheel Primary ColorsYellowBlue RedSecondary Colors Green Orange and VioletTertiary Colorsmixture of a secondary w a primary Softer hues When placing opposite colors close to each other the colors pop ex purple and yellow Contrast of extension using 5050 of opposite colors to balance out a
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