Women's Studies 1020E- Final Exam Guide - Comprehensive Notes for the exam ( 169 pages long!)

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Exploring what it means to be a feminist. Women in the workforce, in history, globally. Read: bell hooks, (cid:498)come closer to feminism(cid:499) in m11247 for next class. Either male or female, everyone else is abnormal (intersex, transgender) Sociological studies show that in cross-play with toys the girls are more likely to be fine with the boy toys then the boys with the girls toys. Baby x positively reflected in language, present in the world. Or: does language actually work to shape or construct our realities? (a mimetic approach: language may shape or even produce reality poststructuralism. [[a: it"s both?]: language is a tool to describe the world, language is a mirror for the world around us (mimetic view of language, language grows and changes, constantly evolving, new words reflect new values. Miss- marked marital relation (70s introduced miss) essentially made for equality but isn"t in most societies. Why does it matter if she"s ms. or mrs.