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Women's Studies 1022F/G Study Guide - Midterm Guide: Planned Economy, Edward Said, Cultural Relativism

Women's Studies
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Women's Studies 1022F/G
Bipasha Baruah
Study Guide

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Gender- social construcons how you are supposed to be, men or women
-looks at social and cultural dierences
e.g., women should cook and clean and men should go to work
Interseconality- many components make up who we are, not just whether we are male or female
-framework for understanding how power circulates through society
e.g., a white male and a white female experience dierent challenges
Heteronormave Patriarchy- male expectaon on what women are supposed to be
e.g., marriage is part of this, husband and wife each have dierent roles
Essenalism- the pracce of regarding something by its universal validity rather it being a social
-assumpon that all people, any social group share the same experiences and interests
Universalism- assuming concepts and values work the same way everywhere, or the way things work in
a parcular place happen elsewhere
-very untrue because assuming can lead to ignorance
e.g., assuming women have the same rights in all countries
Cultural Relavism- an individual persons beliefs and acvies should be understood by others in that
persons own culture
-cultural relavists give priority to judgements made on the inside
-some pracces can be deemed acceptable in one country, and not in the other, e.g., women being able
to drive
Ethnocentrism- assumes that one’s culture is superior to others and judges other cultures by their
-understand this concept so you can understand biases people discuss
Heteronormavity- tries to normalize heterosexual norms and behaviours
-opposite sex marriages are the norm
Homonormavity- assuming that all homosexual relaons and acvies are the same everywhere in the
-becomes di!cult when others disagree, or when they are not
e.g., not all countries allow same sex marriages
Eurocentrism- the assumpon that everything is Western based or that western ideals are superior
-assumed that we are trying to change other cultures and naons
e.g., the treatment of the Aboriginals
Orientalism- series of stereotypes about the orient and its people
-strategy of representaon
-system of knowledge
-Edward Said
1st World- the Western cultures (democracy and capitalism)
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