Intimate Relations: Final Review
- intimacy defined as belonging or not belonging
- interracial intimacy:
oAustralia: breed the black out… white blood overpowers white, so middle
and lower class ppl were encouraged to breed interracially so that the
aboriginal races may be engulfed by whiteness over time
oAmerica: opposite, black potent… keep it out of white
- eugenics: the science of breeding better people
owhat is better? whiter? i.e. German nazi increasing Aryan population and
actively exterminating non-Aryans
- free love: homophobic… about male access to young women. came about with the
invention of birth control
oput more pressure on young women to say “yes”
How to do cheat sheets:
- use cheat sheet for long essay
odissect the question
key words and concepts
oorganize : theis statement, opening sentence
opick examples
osupport: how and why it supports the thesis
Week by Week:
Compulsory Heterosexuality:
- heteronormativity: institutions and process naturalize heterosexuality
- relationship to capitalism
- heterosexual imaginary: imagine race, gender and sexuality in different ways
- what we are seeing and the information we are getting and the story that it is telling
oa belief system that relies on romantic and sacred notions
of heterosexuality in order to create and maintain the
illusion of well being” Chrys Ingraham
- sense of loss tied into promiscuity
- if there is a collective feeling of love there is also a collective feeling of loss, which
becomes activism
- community building through intimacy
- there is a politicalness in difference
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