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Women's Studies
Women's Studies 2283F/G
Andrea Allen

DESIRING WOMEN REVIEW •DESIRE AND THEORY •Lacan - desire is something that can never be attained. What is it? SECOND WAVE FEMINSIM • •how women are represented and the depictions of womanhood through a middle class lens, they had specific frameworks that they were dealing with, a lot of the focus was on seeing women as equals to men and seeing women as independent and able to think for themselves and desire to be in the passive position THIRD WAVE • •goes in different directions but see the roots of the second wave, but also the independence of women. can make specific choices based on their experiences. even with independence there are ideas of collectivism. tug between second and third wave feminist theories and the ways they view sexuality for the individual MEDICALIZATION OF DESIRE AND SEXUALITY • •elements of Freud and psychoanalysis. in terms of how women are trying to combat medicalization but also looking at the social and cultural aspects of desire. reconceptualizing the way we view sex and notions about what it means to experience pleasure. making women think there is something wrong with her body because she is not the majority norm REPRESENTATION OF SEXUALITY AND CULTURE • •representation of desire and the foundational texts that look at the gaze and how male gaze how it can be used as a tool of patriarchy to objectify women as well as a tool to empower men and build up their self esteem, ego identification •is it possible for men to appropriate the male gaze - dominant and submissive relationships - is this the only paradigm that women have the live with. •FILMS AND DESIRE •imagination and voyeurism, counterpoint of the depiction of bisexual women's behavior. •MUSIC AND DESIRE representations of female desire and questioning whether
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