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Full Semester Notes + Tips for Writing Essays for Freeborn

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Writing 2101F/G
Tim Freeborn

Parts of a SentencePhrasenoun phrase nounmodifiersWe studied with an eminent grammarianappositive phrase a noun phrase following another noun phrase and renaming itWe studied with an eminent grammarian Dr Freebornprepositional phrase prepositionnoun can operate adverbially or adjectivally links nouns and verbs to each other to alter meaningverb phrase the only kind of phrase containing a verbWe will study grammarClauseAlways contains a verb phraseMade up ofSubject nounpronoun performing action in sentence verbobjectPredicateTypes of clausesMain Clause can function as a grammatically complete sentence and is functionally independentSubordinate Clause includes a verb cannot stand alone and needs a subordinate conjunction or relative pronoun to connect it to another clause to form a complete sentenceA man offered me wisdom because I looked lostAdjective Clause begun by a relative pronoun such as which and follows the noun it modifiesConjunctionsConjunctive Adverb used to connect two clausesinsteadCoordinate Conjunctions1and4nor2but5or3for6so
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