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WR2121 Lecture Nov.15: Quiz on the 17th, help with Sources for Essay, etc.

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Writing 2121F/G
Tim Freeborn

November 15, 2011 Lecture - Quiz on November 17: Chapter 40, 41, 44 + Bonus 37 - add commas, colons, semi-colons, apostrophe’s - Bonus Quiz: paragraphs that are punctuated; underline verbs - Takes 4 best marks from the 5 quizzes Sources -Know your thesis: What is the purpose of the text? Persuasive, Argumentative, informative? - Consider whether the thesis is stated or implied - Think about how the author develops their thesis (by referring to evidence) - What form does the evidence take? Facts, statistics, examples; expert opinion cited - Does the author make an Appeal? Are they appealing to your intellect, reason, or are they appealing to you emotionally (pathos)? Inappropriate Appeals: logical fallacies (chapter 4) - Fallacies: - Oversimplifications: either/or fallacy (the author only gives two options for something when there are many more) , hasty generalizations (without going into appropriate evidence) - complex issue represented in simplistic manner - Evasion: Begging the question in which one states an opinion as though it were fact. “UWO is greatest school in the country” - writer is turning away from issue at hand. - c
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