Writing 2121F/G Study Guide - Quiz Guide: University Of Western Ontario, Begging, General Idea

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Quiz on november 17: chapter 40, 41, 44 + bonus 37. Bonus quiz: paragraphs that are punctuated; underline verbs. Takes 4 best marks from the 5 quizzes. Consider whether the thesis is stated or implied. Think about how the author develops their thesis (by referring to evidence) Oversimplifications: either/or fallacy (the author only gives two options for something when there are many more) , hasty generalizations (without going into appropriate evidence) Evasion: begging the question in which one states an opinion as though it were fact. Writer is turning away from issue at hand. Can also consist of direct addresses to the reader: flattery, if you feel like you"re being patronized. If writer tries to evoke fear or pity: just an attempt to play on emotions in absence of any compelling evidence. You don"t have to identify all fallacies, but realize that they are there and evidence you"re getting in your sources might not be accurate.

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