Writing 2111F/G Final: Writ2111G Final Write-Up LASilks Sample

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Document Summary

When l. a. silks first proposed the idea to locate a production plant in china, the company set out with the intention to capitalize on a great opportunity to expand while investing american money into the chinese economy. However, as more than a years worth of time, money, and energy continue to seemingly provide no returns, the feasibility of this once exciting opportunity seem to fade. Chinese culture and their business practices have proven problematic in the set up of l. a. The purpose of this report is to investigate the current situation between l. a. silks and their proposed expansion in shenzhen, china and offer specific recommendations outlining the next steps l. a. silks should take to effectively expand the company. At this point in time, feelings about continuing to invest in shenzhen are quite diverse amongst the executives on the business side of the firm.