Writing 2111F/G Study Guide - Absenteeism, W. M. Keck Observatory

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Draft letter to zachary evans. Fitness centre essential for company"s continued success. Below you will find valid reasons for the retention of the fitness centre to present to. It is important in maintaining the balance between the financial aspect of rocky. Mountain as well as the level of satisfaction of the employees, which includes their well- being. Understandably, this is a significant amount of money spent annually on a facility seen as leisure. The fitness centre serves a long- term benefit for the company and for its employee. The facility serves a stronger purpose than leisure; it promotes a healthy lifestyle. An experimental wellness program was instituted in the claims department, which demonstrated: 18% increase in productivity, 5% decrease in sick days. Some have even started support teams to encourage one another to continue their exercise programs. Morale appeared to have improved. Expanding the wellness program to other departments would greatly benefit the firm if other departments demonstrate similar results.

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