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Toronto and London: Close in Proximity; Distant in Lifestyle No matter where you live, almost every city in the world has something unique that expresses its identity. One question that is interesting to ask is whether it is preferable to compare cities from different countries or not. For many people, cities from the same country mostly share a lot of similarities; however, from my short living experience in Toronto and London, both cities have various differences even if both cities are geographically part of one Canadian province. There are various differences between London and Toronto such as life style, transportation and tourist attractions. The first big difference between London and Toronto is the lifestyle. Toronto is considered one of the most important cities in Canada or even in the world to run business and its economy forms 11% of Canada’s GDP, with GDP of $144 billion in 2011 (Toronto overview, economy, n.d). Moreover, due to the increased business and a large population in Toronto with 2.7 million residents (Toronto overview- population, n.d), it always suffers from traffic congestion on streets and highways which participates in a loss of $3.3 billion in productivity annually according to report by the Organization for Economic Co- operation and Development (OECD)(Traffic jams cost Toronto $3.3B per year: OECD, November 10, 2009). For instance, when my husband and I were living in Toronto, it took him almost one and a half hour to commute every day because of traffic jams while it could take him only half hour to go to work without road traffic. On the other hand, because London is smaller in size and only has a population of 358,000, it is much more convenient and less stressful to drive in London. Furthermore, in London, there are only few businesses and many residents who depend on walking, riding the bicycle and public transit instead of driving, and this has a big role in reducing the traffic congestion. Therefore, London is a convenient place to raise a family while Toronto is the ideal place for students and workers. In addition to the lifestyle, both cities are dissimilar to each other in their transportation systems. Toronto has more extensive transportation facilities than that of London and this makes Toronto the international gateway hub towards multiple cities in Canada and other parts of the world. For example, Toronto’s Pearson International Airport, which is located at the center of the
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