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Midterm #2 Review Overview of all class lecture notes, definitions, and info on in-class videos

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Wilfrid Laurier University
Anne- Marie Colpron

thAnthropology Midterm 2 Study NotesMonday February 28 FunctionalismthBritish theory at the beginning of the 20 century Criticizes evolutionismClassifies different types of society without judgement evolved vs not evolvedEvery social or cultural practice has a function or purpose believed the function of social practices is to fulfill basic socialMalinowski biological and psychological needsFunction of Religion Normative Aspect what is right or wrongImpose social valuesBound people together allows social continuity Criticism of FunctionalismRigid and static typologiesDoes not explain cultural changeStill classifiesreality is always more complex then models of situationsVideo The Kung SanResettlementNotice the cultural changes in bands living in a stateRestricted to slumsDid not know agriculture and children were not learning traditional ideasBefore not poor travelled when wanted to travelCan no longer hunt due to laws imposed by government to protect wildlifeSlum area has no work so men leave for army etcIn subsistence communities women provide 80 of food stuffs in slums and army bases they provide nothing Men cannot hunt without a permitPeople who do not want to live in settlements must herd for a living but must contend with elephants for water and lions for cattleAmerican Cultural Anthropology Franz Boas 1858 1942Criticism of evolutionist theoriesImportance of fieldworkImportance of historical particularismStudied Natives in North AmericaWas interested in seeing how a culture functions regardless if it is different from Western valuesEconomic Evolutionist ModelHunterGatherer Horticulture Agriculture Industry
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