Divine Mothers in Greek Mythology

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Alexis Young

Divine Mothers in Greek MythologyAthenaMotherMetis cleverness Zeus swallowed her whole while she was pregnant with AthenaStrength of Zeus and cleverness of MetisMyth of Athena and Hephaistos o Athena fended off Hephaistos advances he ejaculated on her thigh she wiped it off with a cloth and put it on the ground mother earthErechthonios was born Artemis MotherLeto mother of Artemis and her twin brother Apollo o Artemis was a midwife for her brothers birth ApolloMotherLeto twin brother of Artemis o Hera in her jealousy banned Leto from giving birth on mainland or any land under the sunLeto went to DelosEileithyia goddess of childbirth sent by Hera to prevent Leto from going into labourPeople of Delos feared that Apollo would destroy the landLeto promised to build a temple there and honour that island above all other placesVs the Python o Python created by Hera guarded the sanctuary of Gaea and ThemisIn doing this Apollo took over the oracle of Gaea and Themis at Delphi o Fought the Pythons feminine powers as opposed to his father Zeus masculine powers HephaistosBorn from Hera through Parthenogenesis who cast him out of Mt Olympus due to his lameness o Rescued by the Nereidshid him in an under water cavern for 9 years o Myth of the Return of HephaistosCreated a golden throne for Hera when she sat in it it trapped her with tiny threads Only Hephaistos could free her Dionysos was recruited to get him drunk and free Hera Hermes
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