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Arthur Read

AS 101 Module 1 1.1 Our Place in the Universe 1.2 The Cosmic Calendar 1.3 Seeing Stars o Patterns in the night Sky 3000 individual stars visible to the naked eye Constellations Seeing starts that lie at different distances from Earth Moon Distance from Earth is about 30 times the earths diameter Diameter of 3476Km, of Earths 10 stars in a 10LY radius o Precession Earth rotational axis pointed at Polaris The north star Constantly moving over 1000 of years Period for earth is 26,000 years 23.5* tilt o The Night Sky and Its Motions Celestial sphere Objects in the sky appear to rotate EW but the Earth is actually rotating WE What you see in the sky depends on which part of Earth you are in Zenith Point in the sky directly overhead Nadir Point directly below you on the other side of the celestial sphere Celestial equator Extension of the equator onto celestial sphere Meridian Line going from due north through zenith to due south North celestial pole Northern point of the apparent rotation South celestial pole Same as above but South o Angular Measurements Refer to the size of objects by the angle they subtend in degrees(*) Angular distance is the angle made by two lines emanating from observers eye or vantage point to the two outer edges of the object Moon Sun 120 Angular degrees subdivided into arc minutes Subdivided into arc seconds (60) Stellar Motions Depends on where you are on earths surface North Pole o Circle the zenith o Do not rise or set o Only see stars on the northern hemisphere Canada o Stars rotate around Polaris in big circles Circumpolar
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