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Cristina Gheorghiu

01222013Poriferathe simples metazoansBelong to the cellular level of organizationThere are no organs no systems no mouths or digestive tract but have a rudimentary nervous integration Adult sponges have no germ layers and therefore are not diploblastic or triploblasticAdult sponges are in the sessile form and can be either solitary or colonialSome can have characteristic shape and radial symmetry while majority have no regular form or symmetryBody PlansAsconoidthe basic spongeA simple sac with the spongocoel atrium lined by flagellates choanoctyes and the outside covered by flattened pinacocytesBetween these two layers is a mesohyl containing wandering amoebocytesThe wall is strengthened by a skeleton composed of inorganic compounds forming spicules andor organic sponging fibersClass CalcareaCalcerous carbonate spicules A three grades of structure are found in this classAsconoid Forms represent a stage through which the more complex syconoid and leuconoid sponges pass during their developmentSyconoid Forms Grantia Common solitary formFound in shallow coastal waters to a depth of 200mReproductionAsexualBudding
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