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Mihai Costea

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FlowersCharacteristicsoSexualityComplete flowers have gynoecium and androeciumIncomplete flowers are male staminatefemale pistillate flowersUnisexual FlowersMonoecious Male and female flowers are present on the same individual hermaphroditicDioecious Male and female flowers develop on different individualsoCalyx and CorollaFlowers without a calyx and corolla differentiation have tepals the perianth elements are referred to as tepalsfound in monoecious plantsTypes of tepalsoPetaloid Tepalsresembling petalsoSepaloid Tepalsresembling sepals very smalloFlower SymmetryActinomorphicRadial Symmetry many planes of symmetryZygomorphicBilateral or biradial symmetry one plane of symmetry only two symmetrical portions along only one median longitudinal planeComponentsoPeduncle The stalk of a flower oReceptacle The part of a flower stalk where the parts of the flower are attached oCalyxTotality of sepals in a flower constitutes the calyxSepal The outer parts of the flower often green and leaflike that enclose the flower These can be free like the picture above or fusedooCorollaThe totality of petals in a flowerPetal The parts of a flower that are often conspicuously coloredThe petals can be free like the picture above or fused similar to the fusing of the sepals o Bell shaped fused corollaoFunnelform Corollas oSalveformoRotateo BilabiateoUrceolateoPerianthcalyxcorollaWhen the SepalsPetals are identical they are both called Tepals oAndroecium male part the totality of stamens in a flower
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