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Wilfrid Laurier University
Hany Anany

SyllabusJanuary614SourceThe lectures will follow the general trend of the chapterstopics in this text but additional material may be presented during the lecture and on the MyLS page to cover some topics in greater detailReading the related lecture topics is very importantit is important to read the textbook as it will go into greater detail than what we are able to cover in classThough the slides will cover the major information needed for the final examinationMyLSLecture will be posted in pdf format due to copyright issues please check the page oftenThese will be posted after the lectureCourse evaluationLaboratory portion 40Written Lab Exam15Practical Lab Exam75Quizzes or Prelabs x525Laboratory Assignments x615Lecture Portion 60Quizzes 2 lowest will be dropped 10 will be only included101015 questions multiple choice and will be conducted using iClicker Will mainly be on the second or the third lecture of the week It will be about the information that is taught to you on the same weekWrite notes in order to be able to answer the questionsAssignment10Considered as a bonus for mostWill be discussed by the second or third weekWill only be two pages double spacedImportant Referencing and writing with our own languagethMidterm Exam10 February 28These will be short answer questions with some drawings Final Exam30Will also be mainly short answerLaboratory SessionsN3034Need to have the lab manual BEFORE the lab Some days will be asked to come on the second or the third day to get the resultsQuestionsDuring the lectureBy emailBy appointmentImportant DatesstAssignment Due dateMarch 21 upload it to MyLSthMidterm ExamFebruary 28 30 minutes at the beginning of the lecture Lecture1BasicPrincipalsofMicrobiologyChapter101062014MicrobiologyThe study of the microorganisms singlecelled microscopic organisms including virusesDiversity evolution ecologyMicroorganisms are independent entities carry out life processes independentlyCan perform all that is needed for life but on the scale of a single cellTwo themesUnderstanding the basic life processesMicrobes are excellent models for understanding cellular processes in a unicellular and multicellular organismsCan grow rapidly in large number in small scale lab sultureAble to avoid waiting a long time to see the generational and inherited effects in a faster rate than in those organisms that tend to take longer to grow and reproduceApplying that knowledge ot the benefit of humansMicrobes play important roles in medicine agriculture and industryCausal agents of diseasesDigestive processes recycling of major nutrient elementsMajor components in the nitrogen cycleIn the root nodules there is nitrogen fixation bacteria that will fix the nitrogen for the plant and provide it to the plant Need the ammonium compound that is produced from the nitrogen in order to produce major proteinsIn exchange the plant provides the sugars to the bacteriaWithout this bacteria the plant cannot growSome bacteria can help in the sulfur cycleIn the gut of the cow there are bacteria that can degrade the cellulose eaten by the cow to produce glucose which will cause microbial fermentation to make the fatty acids that act as nutrients for the the animalFood Industry safety processingIndustry biofuelInstead of using oil there is now direction for the regeneration of new sources of energyThe microoganisms have the ability to produce methane and ethanol that can be used as energy
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