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w12 nonbba updated final exam review guide april 5.doc

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Laura Allan

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BUSINESS 121 WINTER 2012 *UPDATED* NON-BBA FINAL EXAM REVIEW GUIDE Date: SATURDAY, APRIL 14 , 2012H Time for WLU Students: 12:00 p.m. to 2:30 p.m. Time for UW Students: 12:30 p.m. to 3:00 p.m. Writing Locations: Important Notice: If a student cannot write a business or economics final exam as scheduled, they must submit a "Petition for Exception to Academic Regulations" form to Ms. Lee Leeman, Student and Petitions Coordinator, SBE1256. Supporting documentation will be required and verified. This permits equitable treatment for all students taking SBE courses. If appropriate circumstances are presented with appeals, students will be accommodated on either the SBE slip day or the next exam session. Multiple Choice = 20 marks, Short Answer = 40 marks (including 5 mark case question), Problems = 20 marks Total: 80 marks TOPICS TO BE COVERED: Topics listed in italics in blue font will be tested at a base level with multiple choice questions. All other topics will be tested in more depth with a combination of multiple choice and short-answer questions. FINANCE, RATIOS & CVP Chapter 12 (16): Managing the Firm’s Finances The Financial Manager’s Responsibilities and Activities • goal of the Financial Manager • obtaining short-term financing • raising long-term financing Lab Manual: Accounting for Non-financial Managers – Financial Statement Analysis Lecture Material: Week 7 - Ratio Analysis Financial Ratios Stability • debt vs. equity – advantages and disadvantages • ratios = Debt to Equity, Leverage, Interest Coverage Ratio Profitability • shareholder context • ratios = GPM, NPM, ROE Marketability • ratios = EPS, Price/Earnings, Yield, Payout Lab Manual: Accounting for Non-financial Managers – The Break-Even or Cost-Volume-Profit Model Lecture Material: Week 8 & 9 – CVP • how CVP shows impact of operating leverage • key CVP ingredients • determine breakeven point and point at which desired profit is achieved • apply tool to ‘what-if’ scenarios – use quantitative and qualitative analysis to reach decision OPERATIONS Chapter 13 (11): Achieving World-Class Operations Management Lab Manual: The Business Case for Sustainability Lecture Material: Week 9 – Operations Management Operations Planning • Production types and processes • Choice of location and facility layout • Resource planning and supply chain management Production and Operations Control • Routing and scheduling Improving Production and Operations • Quality management (TQM, CI, Kaizen, Six Sigma, ISO 9000) • Harley-Davidson example • Application of technology Service vs. Manufacturing – compare and contrast Capacity – decisions for manufacturing, high contact service and low contact service Sus
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