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Alternate Types of Investment - Preferred Stock all the notes pertaining to preferred stocks. includes sample calculations, diagrams, and examples

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Jim Mc Cutcheon

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L5BU11112102011Alternate Types of InvestmentPreferred SharesHybrid FinancingoHas some features very similar to a bond and some features that make it similar to common stock Characteristics of All Preferred SharesPay Fixed Annual Rate of DividendoFixed rate much like a bondoDividend return much like common stockoFace value of preferred stock varies 100 is commonoThe amount of dividend is determined eitheri of face value ABC 8 Preferred8 x given face valueiiMedia BCEPrQ173Dividend AmntIssueIssuerPreferred stockPurely discretionary if they had a bad year they will not pay not required like bondsNo date of final maturityoPerpetual financingS
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