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Management Management and all its components. includes very comprehensive diagrams and figures. very extensive and detailed processes of management and similar activities

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Jim Mc Cutcheon

L11BU11112102011ManagementThe term management can be used in a number of different contexts for examplea group of peoplethe management of an organization opposite of laboura discipline of study or body of knowledgea series of tasks or activitieswhat managers doprocess of managementManagement is the process of working with and through individuals groups and resources to achieve organizational goals3 key elementsManagement is a humanistic disciplineeffective managers must be able to accomplish things through other individuals and groupsThe reason why managers exist in any organization is to help that organization achieve its goals and objectivesManagement is a processintegrated series of task or activitieswhat managers do on a day to day basisThe Process of ManagementChapter 6 in text discusses the process of managementSteps in the process of managementPlanningOrganizingMotivating Leading Directing Empowering the people dimensionControlling monitoring performance comparing to plan corrective actionPlanningSelecting the best course of future action from the alternatives available given certain time money market and personnel constraintsThe thought process that precedes actionPlanning is the first step in the process of managementIt is also viewed as the most important step since it is the foundation upon which all of the other managerial processes restIt is the mechanism that allows managers to come to grips with change and deal with extremely dynamic external business environment
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