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Leanne Hagarty

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BU111Final Review Social Factors Element customsvaluesattitudes and demographic characteristics Influences customer preferences worker attitudes and behaviors standards of business conductethics social responsibilitystakeholder managementAffects how we live work consume and produceEthics1Connection between individual ethics managerial ethics and corporate social responsibility managerial ethics is standards of behaviour that guide individual managers in their workmanagerial ethics is based on their individual ethics 2approaches to ethical dilemmas4 utilitarian approachmost good for the most peoplesome people will be unhappyrights approachfollow lawdont violate basiclegal rightsfairnessjustice approacheveryone wins and looses somethingequitable distribution of burdens and rewards caring approachconsistent with peoples responsibility to each otherhow we care3how to influence managerial ethical preferences8hiring criteria how do you hire and how do you choose to hireManagerial role modelingdo managers follow rules if not why would employeesMissions statementcore value statementwhat are your valueswritten documentationcode of conductsethicsthis is what you shall donot doethics booklets and trainingtrain employees to make touch choices goals and evaluation criteriahow are you evaluated on criteria reward systemreward employee behaviour that you want them to engage in employee protection mechanismsprotect employees when they report unethical behaviour or else you will create a code of silence Stakeholdersgroupsindividuals and other organizations who are significantly affected by the organizations activities1what their relationship and importance is to businessStakeholders importance depends on situation and the issue affect willingness and opportunity to act businessstakeholder connectionstakeholders provide business with the capacity to operate owners and creditors capital customers purchasesemployees human resources BOD leadershipnatural environment natural resourcessociety human physical and financial resources stakeholders have expectations of the business
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