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Wilfrid Laurier University
Laura Allan

 Easy Process Engage: Recognize you are in a negotiation and quickly review the viable strategies. Assess: Evaluate your tendencyto use each of the negotiation strategies, as well as the tendencies of the other side. Strategize: Select the proper strategy for this particular negotiation. Your One Minute Drill: Each time you begin a negotiation situation, take a minute to review the 3 steps.  Negotiation Strategy Matrix Proactive Competition Collaboration Win/Lose Win/Win Low High Cooperation Cooperation Avoidance Accommodation Lose/Lose Lose/Win Reactive Avoidance: is not affective Accommodation: you give up your position to follow other people’s way Competition: we don’t care about relationship, and just want bigger share than others. Collaboration: it is the best way to negotiate but it is difficult to do, we have to learn and open yourself up to engage the negotiation.  2 categories of collaborators Sages and dreamers all want to collaborate with others, but… 1. Sages: they can evaluate the current situation. They see whether other people int
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