BU121 Study Guide - Final Guide: Argumentum Ad Populum, Critical Thinking, Caveat Emptor

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What: the approach to reading, thinking, and learning that involves asking quesions, examining our. Are aware of their own biases and use strategies to make judgments. Challenge ideas that seem to be obvious, seek new viewpoints. Listen to other ideas and use that learning to develop own opinions assumpions, and weighing the validity of arguments. Criical means to quesion, analyze, or make sense of something help us sit through mulitude of ideas as they recognize that the same idea can appear in radically diferent forms and they search for commonaliies among diverse texts. Allows you to improve your own arguments when you write or speak. The sponge: a writer who soaks up informaion like a sponge is not a criical thinker. Criical thinking does not passively accept other ideas; even the ideas of business experts. Sponging is preliminary& passive step to the next step, which is evaluaing and judging ideas.

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