BU121 Study Guide - Final Guide: Price Skimming, Shoppers Drug Mart, Durable Good

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Chapter 10: product, price, place, promoion: provide something of unique value to the customer. 2. convince them of its unique beneit integrated/consistent system of aciviies. All 4 elements must give a consistent message and image core beneit proposiion (cbp): clear, concise statement of product"s unique beneit or value proposiion. Markeing mix combines 4 ps into a plan that will meet/exceed the target market"s expectaion. Product: in markeing, any good or service, along with its perceived atributes and beneits, that creates value for the customer oten a blend of goods and services. First step in markeing strategy can"t plan distribuion or price unil you know what to market. Taking the good and selecing a brand name, packaging, colours, warranty, accessories, etc. Atributes can be tangible or intangible (warranies vs. brand image) Physical features to support cbp; package of beneits as seen by consumer: brand, package, service, warranty, delivery, credit, image, price, accessibility, etc.

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