BU121 Study Guide - Midterm Guide: Direct Market, Customer Relationship Management, Value-Based Pricing

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16 Apr 2016

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An integrated system of aciviies designed to plan, price, promote and distribute (place) want saisfying goods and services. There"s a problem and you it a need. You can convince them to pay you for that soluion must be unique. Integrate the aciviies of the organizaion to saisfy these needs. Factor or factors that make customers choose your product over other products. Cultural values, aitudes and ideas that are embodied in one"s beliefs that inluence the buying decision. Social: likely to seek out the opinion of others when making purchase decisions through: reference groups, opinion leaders, family. Individual: inluenced by their own unique characterisics like gender, personality, and self concept. Psychological: inluenced by both external and internal factors. Social media and mobile (moving away from tradiional adverising) Loyalty cards (rewards customers for coninued purchases) Green and social markeing: selling products based on the greater good (ten trees apparel) Sill be others that want the brand that looks the best.