BU121 Study Guide - Final Guide: Job Analysis

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16 Apr 2016

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Engage recognize you are in a negoiaion. Assess evaluate your own tendencies and the tendencies of the other paries. Strategize select the proper strategy for this negoiaion. Each ime you begin negoiaions, review the steps. Compeiion (win/lose): only when the opponent is not aware, able, or willing to collaborate. Collaboraion (win/win): signiicant opportunity when both paries are capable and willing. Avoidance (lose/lose): use only to demonstrate investment in the relaionship. Accommodaion (lose/win): only use when you"re in a signiicantly weaker posiion. Sages: know when collaboraion is/isn"t possible tendancy to compete. Dreamers: they think collaboraion is always possible leads them to accommodate. Drivers: (d): task focused, put all their cards on the table, direct, do not want to talk about it, biggest fear is failure but not afraid to make mistakes. Expressive (i): emoional, like to connect during negoiaions but biggest fear is boredom. Amiable (s): friendly, biggest fear is conlict don"t proceed unil everyone is happy.