BU121 Study Guide - Midterm Guide: Direct Market, Product Market, Customer Relationship Management

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5 Jul 2016

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An integrates system of activities designed to plan, price, promote @ distribute want satisfying goods and service. Integrated system - decisions you make about packaging, branding, distirbution 4ps" People will only buy the product if there is a want satisfying need: must have a problem solution fit. Outcome (reward) - what are the net results for the company. Perception: how do you want to perceived by your customer, the public or other stakeholder. Idea: what does your target market do for your customer. Have to target some kind of need that will hopefully generate a profit o. Focuses on the customer"s wants/needs - identifying consumer needs and producing goods and services that will satisfy them while generating profits o. Integrating all of the organizations activity that will satisfy those wants and needs: and also satisfying customer wants/needs in a legal and responsible manner. You provide something unique, able to meet needs better in a good way.

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