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Midterm Review - Fall 2013.docx

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Laura Allan

PART I Venture Industries Inc. installed a new air-conditioning unit at the business of the Monarch Corporation, a local investment company. Dean works for Venture Industries and was responsible for the actual installation. Dean has been installing A.C. units for several years now. He knows that it is important to ensure that the electrical capacity of the building is capable of handling the output required for an industrial machine of the size that he is installing. For the past several years, he has not checked, as building codes are such that all new buildings have the required capacity as a standard feature. Dean installs the A.C. and informs Gary, the manager of Monarch that the A.C. is up operational and all checks have been done. He states that the machine can run all year for 10 years without needing to be turned off. Later that day, Gary turns on the A.C. and the office is cooled effectively within minutes. About two hours later, all of the power in the building goes off. Gary heads down to the basement of the building to check out the power situation and discovers a red
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